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What matters to them is TIME

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Playtime with a Purpose

Do you want your children to grow into respectful and competent adults?

Gratitud, respect, teamwork – these are just a few of the social and personal skills children need before they decide to leave the home.  Yet with our busy schedules, most parents don’t have the time to research and cultivate those traits in their children.

Teach your kids powerful life lessons that will inspire them to be the best person they can be, all in less than 15 minutes!

Our mini games will make it easy and fun for you to teach positive character traits to your children. You will be motivated, instructed, and empowered to give your children the foundation of the things that really matter in life:

Building up excellent


  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Gratitude
  • Politeness
  • Courage

Establishing strong personal


  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Friendship
  • Empathy

Forming valuable
Work ethics

  • Negotiation
  • Achievement
  • Time Management
  • Quality
  • Planning

Inspiring a positive

Approach to life

  • Health
  • Culture
  • Diversity
  • Heroism
  • Community

Kids think they’re playing games

but you know you’re giving them the keys to life!

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Games and Activities

One Key Value Activity

  • Playthings may include: Mini board games, card games, puzzles, novelties
  • Conversation starters prompts
  • Tips on practicing the learned life skills at home

Four Key Value Activities + Family Date

  • Four themed activities and variations of playthings: Mini Board games, card games, puzzles, many more!
  • Packaged in collection box
  • Includes surprise keepsake

Why Koala-T Time?


Fun hands-on activities


Games only take 10-15 minutes


And for restaurants or picnics too!

What parents are saying

Papa koala

At first I was a bit skeptical, but after I gave it a try I realized the lessons are meaningful and truly applicable to everyday situations


I adore the concept of toys that build character. There is so much mindless entertainment in the world, it's nice to see play experiences that grow their minds"


As a stay home mom of three little ones, it is easy to run out of ideas on what to do. The box comes with new toys and fresh activities to do with them all the time


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