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About Us

As a full-time working mom, Eli (founder and CEO) found it very challenging to spend quality time with her boys through the busyness of a regular day.  So she began using her night time tuck-ins as a way to have fun conversations and stay connected with them.  At first, the conversations were the usual questions about their day, but then she saw a great opportunity to use this valuable time and teach her boys character-building lessons to last them a lifetime.
This is how Koala-T time was born.

Koala-T Time is an innovative parenting tool that provides an all-in-one quality time experience for parent and child, helping busy families proactively build relationships despite how busy they may be! The box was designed by a team of super busy parents, who  understand the challenges of everyday life happenings and time constrains, along with the desire to spend time with their little ones. That is why everything in the box is intentionally simple and memorable.

From our heart, we hope you and your family enjoy your
Koala-T time as much as we do!
The KTT team