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Here are the answers to our most common questions

Koala-T Time box
What is the recommended age group for children?
We recommend our current Koala-T time subscription to caregivers and children 5 to 8 year olds who are ready to start learning what life is all about. The discussion topics and lessons, however, are applicable to everyone and therefore can also be taught to younger/older children. We will be expanding our product offerings to other age groups soon. Stay tuned!
What is included inside the box?
Each box is designed with the family in mind. Our monthly themed boxes include instruction cards for parents, a toy or activity that enables or reinforces the dialogues, and surprise extras that go along with the monthly theme. Our focus is on the experience of spending special time together with your child.
Can a box be shared with siblings?
The box includes a combination of toys/activities. Some activities are designed for a one-time use, while other toys can be played with countless times. The weekly conversations are designed to be a special moment between you and your child, and while the content of the box can be shared between siblings, we greatly encourage you to spend one-on-one time with each child to get the most out of your weekly conversations. The box also includes playthings for a Special Koala-T time. These toys/activities are awesome for the family as a whole and everyone is encouraged to participate together.
How long are the activities?
The weekly lessons can be completed within 15 minutes. Some conversations may spark additional questions or comments, which you may choose to discuss during your Koala-T time or continue at another time. The “Special Koala-T time” is meant to be unique experience each month and may require additional time.
What is the best time for Koala-T time?
Anytime! Since the activities are short, they can be done during nighttime tuck-ins or even before dinner time... you decide. The key is to mark your calendar for 15 minutes each week (ideally on the same day of the week) and dedicate it to enjoy it with your child. The special Koala-T time can be done during the weekend or during a special Family Friday Night.
Orders and shipment
What payment options do you provide?
We currently accept Paypal, all major credit and debit cards including visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
How soon can I expect my first box?
Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for your subscription to start and to receive your first package. Boxes ship around the middle of the month, but your subscription must be active by the 25th of the previous month to be included in the shipping cycle.
Can I track my package?
Yes. We will send you tracking information once your package ships.
Do you ship to P.O Boxes?
Yes, we ship to P.O Boxes and US territories.
Can you deliver outside of the United States?
At this time, we only deliver domestically in the United States. If you are interested in shipping to an international address, please email us at info@koala-t-time.com for more information.
What if I receive a damaged package?
We will make every possible to effort to ensure you are satisfied with your box. If for any reason you receive an incomplete or damaged box, please email us at info@koala-t-time.com and we will work on a resolution to replace the damaged package or provide an extension of your subscription. We do not accept returns of any shipped boxes.
When is my subscription billed?
The first instance of your subscription is billed when you first sign up. After that you will be automatically billed on the 25th of every month for monthly subscriptions. For extended term subscriptions, you are billed up front and receive a monthly box for the term of the subscription. Your subscription automatically renews at the end of the term.
Do I have to reorder every month?
No, your monthly subscription will be billed automatically
Can I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time prior to the billing date for the next box. Extended term subscriptions are not refundable. You can set your 6 or 12-month subscription on “pause”, which will allow you to get all the boxes that have been prepaid for but will not automatically renew for the next billing cycle.
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