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teach your kids to love, respect and be responsible for pets


This box was inspired by Pish-Pish, a joyful and playful Maltese who was part of Eli’s family for 15 years. Everything inside the box is a reminder of how wonderful pets are, and the special place they have in our families.

Inside The PETS Box

  1. Loyalty

    Understand the meaning of loyalty through a game of chains and links

  2. Friendship

    Use a set of dice and open imagination to come up with heartwarming stories of friendship

  3. Cheerfulness

    Play an unconventional game of memory and learn that being cheerful is really not that difficult

  4. Responsibility

    Practice your responsibilities skills as you take care of your new pet

  5. Special Koala-T time

    Get ready for an entertaining scavenger hunt around the neighborhood looking out for FUN clues. When you get back enjoy a warm treat (everything is included)

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